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WHO WE SERVE If you have been a public employee with a pension and/or a separate investor account and need financial planning advice...you are our primary focus.

Investing with a purpose: Your Future

“Educating public sector employees to generate better financial outcomes”

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Who are We?

Public Sector Investor is a national service provider that specializes in education and financial planning solutions for public sector employees including those with 403(b)/457 accounts and pensions. We believe that education industry employees, military members, medical professionals, federal state and local government employees deserve to be informed and educated as it relates to their investment options. Our goal is very simple: to educate public sector employees for the purpose of providing a better financial outcome.

What are Better Outcomes?

Our goal is to provide a better outcome for our clients. To develop and manage a better outcome for your retirement by preserving capital and growing your investments.

Our investment philosophy focuses on three key objectives:

  • Increase Your Retirement Income
  • Lower Your Costs
  • Lower Your Investment Risk

In a highly volatile investment world, how can you build a plan for long-term success? What does it take to sift through thousands of investment opportunities and identify the relative handful that compliment your specific goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance? That’s why Public Sector Investor has a formal investment committee that meets weekly to select, monitor, and replace investments. The overall goal is to always be invested in the top subcategories and funds within those categories.

How comfortable are you with risk? Knowing your Risk Number is critical to understanding your risk tolerance.

To get a reward, investors must be willing to accept some risk. That is the fundamental trade-off of investing; risk is involved with almost any investment.

Watch a short video to learn how powerful knowing your Risk Number can be. It takes five minutes and will help you manage your risk throughout your life. 

Red Papers

Commonly referred to as White Papers, yet our Red Papers are filled with investing knowledge you will not find elsewhere.

Variable Annuities are Bad

Learn why Variable Annuities in your employer retirement account may not make sense.

Investor Personality

Learn what an investor personality is and what it can do for you and your investments.

Why Hire a Fiduciary Advisor?

Learn what a true fiduciary can do for you and your investments.

Meet Your Public Sector Investor Representative

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Mark Fricks, RFC​®

Mark prides himself on providing clients the right tools for planning and execution of retirement strategies.

For nearly 30 years, he’s concentrated on helping clients strategically navigate their retirement income, while taking steps to make sure possible future risks are considered and that lifetime income strategies have been reviewed and implemented where appropriate.

Ethical in his practices and honest in his relationships, Mark focuses on continuously educating himself and his staff on financial-related issues. He serves his clients with integrity and they’re always the priority of the plan.

As an author, speaker and radio host, Mark finds himself on a constant quest to ensure his clients understand how their money is working for them and how planning can help them reach their retirement goals.

​When he’s not in the office, you’ll find Mark spending time with his wife, Karen, their three children and four grandchildren. He’s also an ordained elder at his church and enjoys taking mission trips and playing golf when he can. Mark earned his bachelor’s in management from Shorter College and minored in leadership.

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