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Financial planning advice for working and retired teachers, educational service professionals, military members, federal, state and local government employees, and medical professionals

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Public Sector Investor

Who are We?

Public Sector Investor is a national service provider that specializes in education and financial planning solutions for public sector employees including those with 403(b)/457 accounts and pensions. We believe that education industry employees, military members, medical professionals, federal state and local government employees deserve to be informed and educated as it relates to their investment options. Our goal is very simple: to educate public sector employees for the purpose of providing a better financial outcome.

Who We Serve

If you have been a public employee with a pension and/or a separate investor account and need financial planning advice...you are our primary focus.

Working or Retired


We work with new, current, and retired teachers. We seek to educate and provide the right solutions to all clients.

Active or Retired


We work with new, current, and retired military members. With military members as part of our team, we know the situations you may face and can help you prepare for them.



We work with new, current, and retired federal government employees. With years of experience working within the Governmental system, we have the tools to help you succeed.



We work with new, current, and retired state and local employees. Whether you are a Police Officer, Fire Fighter or work for the county, we have the answers and tools to help you succeed financially.

Working or Retired


We work with new, current, and retired medical employees. We know how hectic your schedule can be and we can give you the financial confidence and freedom to focus on the important things in life.

Get your Risk Number!

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To get a reward, investors must be willing to accept some risk. That is the fundamental trade-off of investing; risk is involved with almost any investment.  Watch a short video to learn how powerful knowing your Risk Number can be. It takes five minutes and will help you manage your risk throughout your life. 

Red Papers

Commonly referred to as White Papers, yet our Red Papers are filled with investing knowledge you will not find elsewhere.

Variable Annuities are Bad

Learn why Variable Annuities in your employer retirement account may not make sense.

Investor Personality

Learn what an investor personality is and what it can do for you and your investments.

Why Hire a Fiduciary Advisor?

Learn what a true fiduciary can do for you and your investments.

Public Sector Investor

Meet Your Public Sector Investor Representative

Chris Kurtz

Public Sector Investor
  • Direct Line: 952-698-5917
  • Email: dylan@redhawkwa.com

Contact Chris Kurtz

About Chris Kurtz

  • Chris entered the wealth advisory business upon graduation from the University of Dayton in 2000.  An experienced financial planner, Chris assists high net worth clients, business owners and endowments in the areas of Estate Planning, Trusts and gifting, Wealth Management, Insurance, Investment Portfolio Strategies and Generational Wealth Transfer.  Chris is an avid runner and thoroughly enjoys the lake, boating and the outdoors.  He loves watching/coaching his daughters’ Club volleyball and soccer teams.  Chris is a parishioner of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Fairfield, and resides in Fairfield Township with his wife, Chrissy and their two daughters, Kirsten and Addi.